The start of things to come.


(Image from @ChickenSoupSoul)

I’m not sure about anyone else but I am so excited to be re-launching my blogging activity! It’s been a while but with a new name and a different attitude I’m looking forward to what I can achieve and feeling positive about my writing!

I always thought hitting the big 4-0 was going to be life changing but I didn’t expect what happened at all. I was training for a half marathon, which was actually on the day of my 40th, when, six weeks before, I got injured and I can honestly say I have never been quite right since!

My body decided to give me a tough time of it, various non-specific, red herring ailments that, to cut a long story very short, have now all been attributed to the delightfully recurring Endometriosis. This ‘affliction’ has plagued me since I was 14 but now I’m going to have the last laugh as I’m cutting it off at its source!

So, ‘the big change’ is ahead of me, I’m preparing to go 0 to Menopause! ‘There would be no butterflies’ will catalogue my journey, examining how I prepare myself, my body, my family (so help them Lord) With the aim to entertain, inform and even possibly inspire anyone who takes the time to read it!

Thank you for taking the time

Love and Light

L xx

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