A Sunday well spent…


Having been off on annual leave and then poorly for three weeks every day has felt like a Sunday! The lead up to my laparoscopy (last Friday) was NOT well spent, I have invested my time more wisely since then!

Being a nurse (Paediatric Intensive Care) is an incredible job but it has its downfalls as I’m sure my colleagues will agree! You (or any member of your family/friends) can never have any “normal” illness. I became more than a little obsessed with my ‘condition’ and, with by the power of Google, diagnosed myself and was preparing for the worst! This had its own, understandable, consequences! I became wrapped up in myself, could think of nothing else, slept a lot and quite honestly was becoming consumed by being unwell…this is not a good place to be!! And I realise it makes me appear to be a bit of a drama queen.

I can honestly say that I feel like a tonne weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Yes, I am facing surgery, yes I will rapidly embark on ‘The Change’ and yes I realise that this is no easy undertaking, but I have a future, one on which I now have a much clearer perspective! And I intend on all the days I have left off (until Friday) being well spent, planning for myself, my family and who knows what lies ahead! All I can say is that I’m strangely excited and feeling very positive about using my recuperation ‘Sundays’ to become a better me!

Love and Light

L xx

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