A short explanation

I thought I should shed a little light on why I chose ‘There would be no butterflies’ as my blog name!

This is blog is going to focus on The Change that is about to take place in my life ie The Menopause and hopefully more changes besides if my planning works out! I am not, expecting to become beautiful and fragile overnight, I’m more of a ‘Sturdy Bird’ (according to the Mr, and no, I haven’t forgiven him for that one) but I’d like to think my ‘change’ will be magnificent, why not aim high??

The butterfly bit seems more than appropriate, my Mum has always claimed that I’m like a butterfly, flitting about, moving quickly from one task to another, never quite settling and, due to this label a butterfly was my first tattoo so it feels like this saying was made for me!!

My week has involved lots of book buying, yoga, cookbooks and Lonely Planet guides (trip of a lifetime being planned with the Mr next year as he can retire…until he finishes I am not convinced he will) for South Africa (any suggestions more than welcome) and research into a natural menopause, a return to dog walking with the three hoons post – laparoscopy, yoga, yoga and a bit more yoga and planning, all ideas are in the early formation stage but it’s all incredibly excited…watch this space for more news)

Please feel free to leave me feedback…I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Until the next post

Love and Light

L xx


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