The story so far!

344C1C99-E2E3-49CD-A4C6-271DDD18B959I thought I would just put a little update as to justify my prolonged absence and the changes that have/haven’t happened!

When I initially created ‘There would be no butterflies’ it was because I had just been told that I would be hurtling towards the menopause courtesy of, what I felt, was a very premature hysterectomy! However, I was offered a short course of high dose hormones which seems to have ‘sorted me out’ biologically speaking, and it appears like I’ll just amble towards that little delight instead…all things etc. So it was very much going to be about a physical change in my life!

Now, as always, I wasn’t really expecting the changes that have happened in our lives since and I am only just starting to get my head around some of the events that have occurred over the last 18 months to 2 years.

Some of the events are not my story to tell, some I need to discuss with the other people involved but I’m hoping to use this space to try to organise my thoughts, let off some steam and maybe even encourage some interaction with others who enjoy my blog, have similar experiences or can point me in the right direction!

Todays starting quote is completely me! I change my mind with the direction of the wind and am hoping this ‘writing malarkey’ will offer me both some grounding and allow me to discover the path I should be following!

I’ll keep you posted

L xx

All change!


So much has happened since I started this blog two years ago that I hardly know where to start!

I am a great ‘starter of things’ but seem to run out of steam/motivation quite quickly but I feel that I need to write to create some space if that makes sense?

Changes are afoot in our household my intention is to chronicle the affects this has on us all!

This snippet is a ‘watch this space’ notification for anyone who may be interested, if not, no worries but I’ll continue to write!

L xx